Episode 59: Leighton Craig; High Beamz

Leighton Craig.

Leighton Craig
Recorded by Joshua Watson.
Mixed by Michael Whitney.
Recorded at The Waiting Room, Feb 14 2014.

Leighton’s been involved in the Brisbane music scene since the early 90’s – notably playing in fabled noise-rock collective, The Lost Domain, for a number of years. Nowadays, he’s better known for having played in The Deadnotes, Fig and Primitive Motion. On occasion, Leighton will perform solo, a rare and enchanting occurrence to be sure. His performances ranges from casio-pop songs to ambient soundscapes, a true journey for the aural senses.

For more information on Leighton and his projects check out the Kindling Records blog.

High Beamz
Recorded by Joshua Watson
Mixed by Michael Whitney.
Recorded at The Waiting Room, Feb 14 2014.

Emma Wilson, aka High Beamz is riding the recent wave of techno revivalism – taking some deep-sea pearls of wisdom from Drexciya as well as more geographically appropriate acts like Scattered Order and the more recent Lace Curtain. Although, fairly new to the scene, she’s already focusing a sharp direct effort right into the feel-good-dancing culture of Brisbane.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 28 February 2014.
Show production and engineering: Joshua Watson.

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