Episode 86: Cobwebbs; ∑gg√e|n

Cobwebbs @ HappyFest

Cobwebbs @ HappyFest

Recorded by Michael Whitney.
Mixed by Michael Whitney.
Recorded at HappyFest, Brisbane. August 22nd 2014.

Cobwebbs have just recently released their second album on Sonic Masala records; ‘World Wide Webs’ is a strange yet abrasive rock record that builds on the strengths of their 2012 debut record. To put it simply, they’ve been writing better songs. As it turns out practice does make perfect. Members of the band also get involved in various other projects like: Barbiturates, Caterpillar Hood, Police Force, World War IV, Gold Shade. I hear the drummer even makes his own BBQ sauce.

Listen to ‘World Wide Webs’ on the Sonic Masala Records Bandcamp.

∑gg√e|n @ HappyFest

∑gg√e|n @ HappyFest

Recorded by Michael Whitney.
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at HappyFest, Brisbane. August 22nd 2014.

∑gg√e|n are hard to pin down, they’re not a conventional band. They have a situation similar to TISM, in that the band members prefer to adopt pseudonyms to mask their identity. ∑gg√e|n sound more like stoner metal than the alternative rock that TISM went for, although, both groups explore the philosophies of wankers and yobs, and the way of the world. Front-man Magnus ’Opus, a hairy mass of a man, he wails and moans like a more primal and less eloquent and ultimately taller Boyd Rice. There’s so much pain being expressed I’m not sure if these guys are suffering or loving every minute of it.

Find some of ∑gg√e|n’s songs over at their Bandcamp, check out their intense live show over here.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 5 September 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

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