Ep 196: Some Jerks; Gonzovillain

Some Jerks


Recorded & Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Foundry, Brisbane, 14th January 2017

Some Jerks are a garage/surf rock band that formed in Brisbane in 2010.

Inspired by the girl groups, and garage rock of the 60’s, and once quoted as “sounding like Sleater-Kinney covering the Shangri-las”, they released their self titled EP, in 2011 and followed that up with their debut album ‘Buddy Rich Made Me Cry’ and sophomore release ‘Strange Ways’ in 2016.



Recorded & Mixed by Christopher Brownbill
Recorded at Underground Audio, West End Festival, Brisbane, 28th October 2016

Gonzovillain are a 4 piece alt-rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They have developed their sound over the course of 3 EPs, including their second release “Gonzovillainy” which introduced the bands signiature pump organ. This session kicks off with one of those organ songs and also includes 4 brand new tracks, unreleased anywhere else.

This particular set was recorded as part of West End Festival at an event called Live To Tape, which saw 3 acts local to the West End/Kurilpa area gather in one night to perform live to 2-inch tape at Underground Audio. These recordings were engineered and mixed by in-house engineer Chris Brownbill, who also owns the studio.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 12th of February 2017.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

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