Episode 37: Barbiturates; Kitchen’s Floor

barbiesPrepare thyself! Live Delay’s continues the tradition of top quality live music in episode 37 of the show with two interesting sets from Brisbane – BARBITURATES and KITCHEN’S FLOOR.

Recorded by Murray Paas
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at The Zoo, July 2013.

Barbiturates are Roland Hlavka and Elliot D’arcy, two musicians known for their work in Brisbane psych outfit Cobbwebbs. This particular project emerged from eclectic rehearsal room jams that didn’t quite fit the CV of their former band – and thus the side project was born! Still channeling their DIY roots, Barbiturates sway between pop and psych, adding in generous additions of almost trip-hop sounding beats. They’ve release a bunch of music, but 2013’s Shades was the first actually put out in some kind of material form.

This performance comes from their 2013 appearance at 4ZZZ’s Happy Fest at The Zoo in Brisbane. Enjoy!

Find out more about Barbiturates.

Recorded by Sky Kirkham and Ellie Freeman.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded in West End, August 2012.

Kitchen’s Floor play pop documenting the angst-ridden narratives of Brisbane suburbia. Led by Matt Kennedy, the group are well respected nationally, with their second record ‘Look Forward To Nothing’ garnering critical praise when it was released back in 2011.

This set comes from 4ZZZ Radiothon in 2012 out at West End and features a good mix of both old and new. It’s enlightening so you better effin tune in.

Find out more about Kitchen’s Floor.

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday 27 September 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday 4 October 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Murray Paas; Sky Kirkham; Josh Watson, Ellie Freeman, Dusty Anastassiou.


Episode 36: Forces; Anonymeye (Andrew Tuttle)


Get out of your rave cave, and prepare to dance your socks off. This episode of Live Delay is bangin’ – with live sets from Melbourne’s FORCES as well as a few extra nuggets of ambience from the artist formally known as ANONYMEYE.

Recorded by Murray Paas
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at The Zoo, July 2013.

Described as industrial sounding dance, Melbourne’s Forces create hard hitting and mind bending music suitable for extreme partying. A duo made up of Alex Akers and Thomas Henderson, the group call the likes of Chris Carter, John Foxx, The Prodigy, and Gatekeeper amongst their wide and varied influences. They’ve also played along side the likes of Gang Gang Dance, Light Asylum and Zola Jesus – just in case you were worried about their live credentials! This is a banging set and well worth staying in to hear.

Find out more about Forces.

ANONYMEYE (Andrew Tuttle)
Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham.
Recorded at The Bridge Club, Brisbane, February 2012.

The artist formally known as Anonymeye (and now just going by his given names – Andrew Tuttle) create music that is part electronic, part acoustic and is difficult to pigeonhole. Anonymeye is partial to warping his acoustic guitar sounds with a raft of electronic signals, building pleasant and atmospheric noises and weaving them into a grander musical narrative.

Find out more about Anonymeye.

Stream via Soundcloud

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday September 20 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday September 26 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Murray Paas; Sky Kirkham

Post photo by Michelle Brown.

Episode 35: DZ Deathrays; The Garbage & The Flowers


This Live Delay update comes courtesy of my hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey – where street riots and clashes with authority seem to be on the agenda. Still, these incidents pale in comparison to the important events happening on Live Delay back in Australia. This is what episode 35 has in store for you lucky duckies.

Recorded and produced by FBi Radio, Sydney.

Dynamic two piece from Brisbane hit their stride in recent years, graduating from intense house party gigs to the world stage after UK tastemakers NME cast their gaze upon DZ Deathrays. Well known for their intense and legendary house party gigs and their outrageous music videos, they released the well received debut record Bloodstreams in 2012.

This live set may be slightly more sombre than the usual DZ Deathrays experience, but still profiles many of the best angles of their recent work. Provided to Live Delay by our friends at FBi Radio in Sydney, this is a live set not to be missed.

Find out more about DZ Deathrays.

Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at The Bridge Club, Brisbane, August 2012.

The Garbage And The Flowers are Yuri Frusin and Helen Johnstone and they’re known for the off kilter pop music that comes out at strange angles. Originally hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, the duo moved to Sydney about a decade ago and have remained fairly quiet since – emerging every now and then to remind fans of their esoteric loveliness at the most opportune times. I swear ‘Love Comes Slowly Now’ from their opus Eye Rind As If Beggars is one of the most beautiful songs ever penned. Tune in to here them at their marvellous best.

Find out more about The Garbage And The Flowers.

Stream via Soundcloud

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday September 13 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday September 19 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: FBi Radio Sydney, Andrew McLellan, Dusty Anastassiou.

Episode 34: Sucks; The Vasco Era


Order a sponge, and get ready to wipe yourself down. Live Delay is getting sweaty this week with some great live tunes from two excellent live acts. First up is snotty Sydney punks, SUCKS, followed by an extended set from journeymen rock act THE VASCO ERA.

Recorded by Darragh Murray.
Mixed by Cameron Smith.
Recorded at The Beetle Bar, Brisbane.

Sucks sound like a pack of loveable brats. A three-piece from Sydney, the band describe their music as ‘shit punk’ – arguably a slight misnomer, as their aggressive music is highly listenable, arguably continuing the great Australian underground punk music tradition.

Live Delay managed to catch the band when they were last up here, supporting Brisbane comrades Nikko at The Beetle Bar back in December 2013. It’s short and sweet but also immense. The band have got a forthcoming 7” available in October 2013 recorded with the help of Lincoln Brown from Housewives, but why not stay up and catch some of their live wizardry via Live Delay?

Find out more about Sucks.

Recorded at the Changing Lanes Festival, September 2011, Sydney.
Recorded and Produced by FBi Radio Sydney.

Originally from Apollo Bay in Victoria, The Vasco Era launched themselves into the public consciousness after winning a university band competition way back in the early years of the noughties, winning over fans with their unique brand of bluesy rock and roll.. Gaining critical appeal for their recorded works along with their excellent live show, The Vasco Era released three well-received long players including their recent self-titled third record.

The set we’ve got for you tonight shows them at their electric best, playing many of their big hits and a couple of interesting covers to boot. Taken from the Changing Lanes festival back in September 2011 in Surry Hills, Sydney, this set was kindly provided to Live Delay by our friends at FBi Radio in Sydney.

Find out more about The Vasco Era.

Stream via Soundcloud

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday September 6 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday September 12 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Cameron Smith, FBi Radio Sydney.

Episode 33: Scraps; Screaming Match


Episode 33 takes in the eclectic synthethisers of Brisbane artist SCRAPS, playing live on stage at the Primitive Room in Brisbane earlier in 2013. We also revisit the excellent performance of trio SCREAMING MATCH. Come at us, bro!

Recorded by Darragh Murray.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou
Recorded at The Primitive Room, Brisbane.

Kaleidoscopic music from the dawn of the 1980s, Brisbane’s own Scraps has carved out a unique niche within her local music scene. It’s no suprise – she produced quality pop music that just about melts people’s ears and hearts.

Follow up ont he well received Classic Shits 2005-2008 LP, Scraps released the excellent Secret Paradise 7″ on Bedroom Suck in 2012, which included gorgeous sythn-pop numbers like 1982 and Suddenly Yr In My Heart. This live set features everything many people love about Scraps, pulsating drum beats, verbed waves of synth and Scraps’ own understated but sweet vocals.

Find out more about Scraps.

Recorded by Darragh Murray & Branko Cosic.
Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at the Alhambra Bar, Brisbane. 

Rising from the ashes of the much-loved Stag, Drea and Sarah were joined by PhD candidate and buzzsaw guitar wizard Alex to form Screaming Match. They’ve only played a handful of gigs but have already set tongues wagging with their lively performances, catchy riffs and honest tales of suburban malarkey (and Sexpo, yes, Sexpo).

Listen to an interview with Drea from Screaming Match.

This performance was lifted from the band’s support shift for Melbourne’s Harmony when that band toured Brisbane in February 2013 and they sound amazingly good – even though it was the band’s second or third gig. You are urged to tune in to catch this great set.

Find out more about Screaming Match.

Stream on Soundcloud.

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday August 30 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday September 5 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Branko Cosic, Dusty Anastassiou.

Episode 32: Ghost Notes; Harmony


Do you like music? Seriously, do you like it? Because if you do, you probably shouldn’t miss Episode 32 of Live Delay. This week we feature the instrumental prodigies from Brisbane GHOST NOTES live on stage.  We also bring you a short interview with Cam and Jamie from the band.  Rounding out the episode, we replay the excellent live performance of HARMONY originally broadcast earlier in the year.

Recorded by Darragh Murray.
Mixed by Cameron Smith.
Recorded at The Beetle Bar, Brisbane.

Forming in 2009, Ghost Notes are an instrumental five piece from Brisbane who call the likes of The Dirty Three, Tortoise and Godspeed! You Black Emperor among their various and varied influences. They released two long players,the 2011 By Cover Of Night and the very recently released Hidden Horizon.

The set we have got for you today features a few songs from the bands performance at The Beetle Bar in Brisbane back in late 2012, playing alongside the likes of Nikko, Sucks and the Keep On Dancin’s.

Find out more about Ghost Notes.

Feature interview: Cameron Smith and Jamie Curran of Ghost Notes.

Recorded by Darragh Murray and Branko Cosic.
Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at the Alhambra Bar, Brisbane.

A melange of souful rock and roll and gallow blues, Harmony are one of the best bands going in Australia today. Featuring the powerful voice and guitar of Tom Lyncoln (The Nation Blue), drummer Alex Kastaniotis, and bassist Jon Chapple (ex-Mclusky), Harmony also throw in a three-part gospel choir for good measure which gives their sound even more transcendental dynamics.

Recently, they’ve followed up their critically acclaimed self-titled debut with a solid 7 inch release of ‘Do Me A Favour’ in early 2013, with their second record due to be released sometime very soon. Until then you can enjoy this exclusive live set from the band.

Find out more about Harmony.

Stream on Soundcloud.

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday August 23 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday August 29 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Cameron Smith, Jamie Curran, Branko Cosic,

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Episode 31: Keep On Dancin’s; Cured Pink

keepodnancinsI’m sitting here in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand about to let you know about the great – and arguably beautiful – set we have in store for you on Episode 31 of Live Delay. While we have played a bit of their music in the past, we’ve have a special 30 minutes live feature of music from KEEP ON DANCIN’S. Also on this episode we get reacquainted with the sonic stew that is CURED PINK – live from the Primitive Room in Brisbane.

Recorded by Darragh Murray
Mixed by Cameron Smith
Recorded at The Beatle Bar, Brisbane – December 2013.

Blending a mix of The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Brisbane’s Keep on Dancin’s have been regulars on the Australian live music scene for the past four years. An accomplished band having received much kudos from their immense debut record The End Of Everything, they’re also not fazed by the challenges of the stage, having played regularly throughout the country for some time. Live Delay was fortunate to catch them playing along side other Brisbane institutions such as Nikko and Ghost Notes back in December 2012 at The Beatle Bar.

Recorded by Darragh Murray.
Mixed by William Clark.
Recorded at the Primitive Room, Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Dark noise from the coming dystopia, Cured Pink are an experimental rock group with a fondness for unforgiving soundscapes that remain unrelentingly fascinating. Recorded live supporting fellow locals Blank Realm at the Primitive Room in Spring Hill Brisbane, this Cured Pink performance forms a compelling live experience from one of Brisbane’s most interesting bands.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday August 16) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday August 22)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Cameron Smith, Will Clark.

KEEP ON DANCIN’S – Senator Steve
KEEP ON DANCIN’S – Hewitt Eyes
CURED PINK – September
CURED PINK – Swimming
CURED PINK – Prostrate

Episode 30: Wonderfuls; Totally Autumn

Danny and Bobby

Episode 30 of Live Delay takes in the sombreness of Brisbane’s Wonderfuls plus a few live tracks from the 2011 Totally Autumn festival.

Recorded and mixed by Will Clark.
Recorded at The Tribal Theatre, Brisbane.

Wonderfuls record Salty Town was one of the best Brisbane releases of the 2012. An eccentric duo of Robert Vagg and Danny McGirr with a skill for detailing the ravaging nature of the everyday. Live Delay were lucky to catch up with the group when they played The Tribal Theatre back in May 2013 as part of Guilt Retreat.

Features an introduction by Shaun Prescott of Crawlspace magazine.

Find out more about Wonderfuls.

Recorded by Liza Harvey

Rounding out episode 30 of Live Delay is a neat collection of low fi and perhaps substance fuelled rock and roll from the Totally Autumn festival back in September 2011. This collection of songs features live tunes from DEAD FARMERS, SLUG GUTS and BARE GRILLZ.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 9 August 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Shaun Prescott, Liza Harvey, Will Clarke.

WONDERFULS – There Is Only Blood
WONDERFULS – Freezing Cold
WONDERFULS – Offerings
WONDERFULS – Where Does It End?
BARE GRILLZ – Lee Majors
BARE GRILLZ – Robert Pattinson Foot Tattoo
SLUG GUTS – Black Sports
SLUG GUTS – Chrome Crucifix

Episode 29: Amateur Childbirth; Bitch Prefect


Episode 29 of Live Delay takes a slight change of pace from recent episodes. We catch a live set with Brisbane artist Amateur Childbirth as well as revist a great performance by pop band Bitch Prefect.

Recorded by Will Clarke.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at The Tribal Theatre, Brisbane in May 2013.

Amateur Childbirth is the stage name of Brisbane artist Ivan Matthew. Influenced by the work of Henry Miller, he’s an artist unafraid to delve into uncomfortable subject, illuminating everyday events with a cynical but earnest take on modern society – done all with just an acoustic guitar.

Live Delay were fortunate to be present to record Amateur Childbirth when he took the stage at Tribal Theatre back in May 2013 as part of the Guilt Retreat – a multi-disciplinary visual and musical arts series. Tune in to hear some honest live music.

Find out more about Amateur Childbirth.

Feature interview: Ivan Matthew of Amateur Childbirth.

Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Harry Byrne.
Recorded at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane in August 2012.

Bitch Prefect are Pat Telfer, Scott O’Hara and Liam Kenny and once upon a time emerged from a sharehouse in Adelaide, but, like so many other bands do, moved to Melbourne a few years back. In 2012 they put out their debut record via bedroom suck by the name of ‘Big Time’, a well-received release that featured the deliciously depressing but wholly relatable single ‘Bad Decisions’. The band managed to make it up to Brisbane in August 2012 during the launch tour for Big Time and played 4ZZZ’s GET HAPPIER festival and we were fortunate enough to be present to get a recording.

Find out more about Bitch Prefect.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 2 August 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Ivan Matthew, Will Clarke, Dusty Anastassiou, Harry Byrne, Andrew McLellan.

AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Decommissioned Antibiotics
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Malcom’s Rainbow Blows Light Across His Arterial Database
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Menopause in Reverse
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – P.S. I Had To Leave The Country
BITCH PREFECT – Holiday in America
BITCH PREFECT – Better Next Time
BITCH PREFECT – Messing Around
BITCH PREFECT – Bad Decisions