Episode 3: YIS, theHEAD

In episode three of Live Delay, we check out two different sounding groups of artists from Melbourne and Sydney respectively.


Recorded in 2012 by Robbie Adams at The Tote, Melbourne.
Mixed by Robbie Adams, 2012.

Melbourne fuzz monsters, YIS, have been kicking it around the traps for a number of years now, bringing their sweaty pysch rock being a staple of the Melbourne music scene since 2009. Made up of brothers Simon, Andrew and Matt (plus non-relative Brownyn) the band released the well-received ‘Kingdom of Fuzz’ in 2011. This set was recorded by Robbie Adams at The Tote in Melbourne in March 2012 and features hit after hit of fuzz-madness, including an excellent version of ‘(I Feel) Repulsed’.

Find out more about YIS.

INTERVIEW: Simon Fazio of YIS

Recorded in 2005 by Nao Anzai at the Rob Roy Hotel, Melbourne.
Mixed by Nao Anzai, mastered by Scott Herbert.

Playing a mixture of krautrock, synthetic beats and the odd bit of post-rock craziness, Sydney’s theHead have existed since 2002 and made up of Ben Turly, Tom Taylor, Scott Herbert and Danny Heifetz. This set was recorded this set way back in 2005 at the Rob Roy Hotel in Melbourne although only featured Scott Herbert and Tom Taylor. Listen out for the ecletic ‘Strawberry Yeti’.

Find out more about theHead.

Airing details: Via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 25 January 2013.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray, Andrew McLellan.
Kudos: Simon Fazio, Scott Herbert, Robbie Adams, Nao Anzai.


Episode 2: Holy Balm; Oliver Tank; Bare Grillz; Alps of NSW

In episode two of Live Delay, we present four short sets from New South Wales based artists.

Holy Balm
Recorded and mixed by Andrew McLellan, 2012

Psychedelic electric jams, punctuated by drum machines, acoustic percussion and waves of synth, Sydney’s Holy Balm bring their minimalist dance music to the Live Delay stage, ripping it up in front of a packed house at 4ZZZ’s Get Happier Fest back in August 2012.

Find out more about Holy Balm.

Oliver Tank
Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012

The music of 20-something Oliver Tank revels in glitch, dubstep and ambiance. It’s soaring chill-out music with an Australian twist. Based in Sydney, Tank was lucky enough to win the 2011 Northern Lights competition run by FBi radio, and visited Reykjavik, Iceland to play the Airwaves Festival.

Find out more about Oliver Tank

Bare Grillz
Recorded by Liza Harvey, 2011

Bare Grillz, purveyors of lo-fi droning pop, are a three piece from Newcastle, NSW. Using minimalist approach with lots of organs, repetition and often incomprehensible voices, they weave alluring yet anxious landscapes.

Find out more about Bare Grillz

Alps of New South Wales
Recorded by Liza Harvey, 2011

Chris Hearn, known as Alps of New South Wales, records stark and beautiful bedroom pop songs using guitars, vintages synths and soft padded percussion. Haunted by reverbed, these might be musically straightforward tunes, but they display a maturity only a talented songwriter can muster.

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Airing details: Via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday Janaury 18 2013.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray, Andrew McLellan.
Kudos: Liza Harvey, Sky Kirkham, Andrew McLellan.

Welcome to Live Delay

Welcome to Live Delay.

Live Delay is a new and exciting foray into the world of live music. Broadcast via Zed Digital every Friday evening, Live Delay covers the weird, the wonderful, the shambolic and the polished – aiming to capture the spirit of the stage.

Using recordings and sets obtained from community broadcasters throughout Australia, Live Delay is true community-driven project that engages listeners, both young and old, through the universal thrill of live performance.

We’re proud to announce our debut episode, featuring live sets from Anonymeye, Keep On Dancins’ and El Motel, premieres on Zed Digital Friday November 30, 2012.

So grab your digital radio, set the dial to Zed Digital, and tune to Live Delay every Friday evening from 8-9pm.

Episode 1: Anonymeye; Keep On Dancin’s; El Motel

In episode one of Live Delay, we present three short sets featuring Brisbane artists.

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012

Part electronic, part acoustic, the music of Anonymeye is difficult to accurately pigeonhole. Anonymeye, known as Andrew Tuttle, to his friends is partial to warping his acoustic guitar sounds with a raft of electronic signals, building pleasant and atmospheric noises and weaving them into a grander musical narrative.

Find out more about Anonymeye.

INTERVIEW: Andrew Tuttle from Anonymeye

Keep On Dancins
Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012

Formed in 2008, Keep On Dancins practice a style of music that blends shoegaze with the noisy pop of the Jesus and Mary Chain, all underpinned by waves and waves of reverbed guitar. Hell, they even have a dedicated tambourine player. Their 2011 debut record, The End Of Everything, found critical acclaim both locally and throughout the Australian music press.

Find out more about Keep On Dancins

El Motel
Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012

Our next set if from another Brisbane band called El Motel. A duo in the vein of early Black Keys, El Motel infuse their blues stylings with a dynamic rock vigour, and have been quietly building up a strong local following partly due to their powerful stage presence and accomplished musicianship.

Find out more about El Motel

Airing details: Via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday November 30.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray, Andrew McLellan.
Kudos: Sky Kirkham, Andrew Tuttle.