EP 237: Violent Soho

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Photo: Matt Walter


Violent Soho

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at the Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane, 23rd December 2017

The Mansfield 4-piece first formed in 2004, all attending Mansfield State High School. Local shows with Brisbane favourites Eat Lazer Scumbag and Gazoonga Attack caught the eye of producer Bryce Moorhead of who recorded their first EP Pigs & T.V. in 2006.

The EP gained the band attention nationally, recruiting Magic Dirt’s Dean Turner as manager. He also produced and released their first full length album in 2008 on his Emergency Music label. We Don’t Belong Here continued their steady growth in popularity, allowing them to tour internationally for the first time as well as play national festivals Homebake, Laneway, Meredith, Falls and Southbound.

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth became a fan of the band during this time and quickly signed Violent Soho to his label Ecstatic Peace! Records. This lead them to relocate to the U.S and re-recorded most of the material from their debut with legendary producer Gil Norton. The result was their self titled record, released in the early parts of 2010, which they toured extensively throughout the states and back home in Australia.

Violent Soho eventually parted ways with Moore’s label in 2011, returning home to sign with Melbourne based independent label I Oh You. They also linked back up with Bryce Moorhead to begin work on Hungry Ghost, which was released in 2013. A coming of age for the band, Hungry Ghost attained gold status in Australia and extensive touring continued nationally and abroad.

The band’s fourth album Waco, again produced by longtime collaborator Bryce Moorhead, debuted at no. 1 on both the ARIA and iTunes charts upon release in 2016. Countless sold out shows followed, solidifying them as one of Australia’s most popular independent artists.


Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 18th of February 2018.

Show production and engineering: Reuben Aptroot.


EP 236: Spiral Stairs

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Photo: Sarah Kidd

Spiral Stairs

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, 10th December 2017

Spiral Stairs aka Scott Kannberg first began making music with co founding member Stephen Malkamus in the legendary 90’s act Pavement. After Pavement disbanded in 1999, Kannberg formed Preston School Of Industry, who went on to release two albums through Matador Records; 2001’s All This Sounds Gas and 2004’s Monsoon.

5 years passed before Kannberg re-emerged with his first solo effort The Real Feel, which was also released through Matador. He then relocated to the northern Brisbane suburb of Beachmere for a few years, before slowly beginning work on the follow up.

2017 saw the release of Doris And The Daggers, Kannberg’s most personal and emotional music to date. Alongside the album was a bonus Australian only 7“ entitled Pig City accompanied with the B-Side Vultures Of Caboolture, which are a homage to his time spent in Brisbane. Pig City, a song title shared by Queensland band The Parameters, was inspired by the Andrew Stafford book about Brisbane music during the police corruption era as well as the influential sounds of The Go-Betweens.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 11th of February 2018. Show production and engineering: Reuben Aptroot.

Ep 211: BIGSOUND 2016 Special – Week 1

Ep 211 InDesign BIGSOUND Wk 1Photo: Justin Ma


Recorded & Mixed by Sam Lowe
Recorded at Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage, Brisbane, 8th September 2016


Recorded & Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Ric’s Big Backyard, Brisbane, 7th September 2016

Coda Conduct

Recorded by Clancy McLellan
Mixed by Luke Thomson
Recorded at The Elephant Hotel, Brisbane, 7th September 2016


Recorded & Mixed by Eileen Tierney
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, 8th September 2016

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 25th of June 2017.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Episode 102: Superstar; Mark Zian


Recorded by Josh Watson.
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane. 19th October 2014.

Superstar is the duo of Keiran Hegarty and Esther Edquist, who have been playing under the name since 2007. After a string of tapes they released their debut record, A Toast To…, in 2013 on Bedroom Suck Records and it’s been one of the quieter hits on that label. In 2015 they’ll release their keenly anticipated second LP, Table For Tow which if this performance is anything to go by will sound even more luxurious than their first offering.

Buy/listen to ‘A Toast To… Superstar’ over at Bandcamp


Mark Zian
Recorded by Ben Fitzpatrick.
Mixed by Ben Fitzpatrick.
Recorded at The Bearded Lady, Brisbane. 20th November 2014.

You may know of him from one of his several monikers such as: I am Not A Nihilist, Scruples and Curlew. He was also the bassist for Brisbane band Knee Chin. Mark’s distinctive humour and his often pessimistic outlook on the mundane rat race of everyday life runs throughout his work, injecting his songs with a distinct personality. Curlew, his duo with sound and film artist Callum Wheeler, released their first album ‘Animal Urges’ in mid-November.

Buy/Listen to Curlew’s ‘Animal Urges’ over here.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 26 December 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

Episode 71: Ela Stiles; Tight Slip


Ela Stiles
Recorded by Josh Watson & Mino Peric.
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at The Brightside, Apr 4 2014.

You might know Ela Stiles from some of the bands she’s played in over the last couple of years: Songs and Bushwalking. It was that band Songs which she began with Max Doyle that saw he focus shift from modelling to music. With Karl Scullin (Kes Band, Mum Smokes) and Nisa Venerosa (Fabulous Diamonds) there is Bushwalking, a psych three-piece that she originally formed to work on her solo songs. It turned out to be more of a band than a solo project and they released their second LP ‘ No Enter’ in September last year. Now it’s 2014, it’s time for something new and completely different. Ela’s debut record boasts a completely acapella B-side, which takes a lot of guts.

For more information on Ela Stiles and to buy her debut LP, head over to Bedroom Suck Records.

Tight Slip
Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Andrew McLellan.
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Aug 24 2012.

Tight Slip were a band active in the Brisbane underground rock scene around 2011-2013. They spun-off from another group called ‘Loose Grip’ a band which consists of the members of Tight Slip plus one Sam McCabe. Both groups were the brain-child of Kieren Lavering and while Loose Grip had a 7” on Bedroom Suck Record, Tight Slip regrettably have nothing to show for their short run bar a few live recordings on vimeo. There’s still time for this power pop powerhouse to make a comeback. Maybe this will motivate them.

To listen to Loose Grip’s Cereal 7″ head over to the Bedroom Suck bandcamp.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 16 May 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

Episode 39: Per Purpose; Mere Women


Prick those ears folks, Live Delay Episode 39 is nigh and it’s a night of outstanding rocking and rolling featuring the manic chainsaw rock of PER PURPOSE and the psych pop of MERE WOMEN.

Recorded by Darragh Murray
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at the Black Bear Lodge, 2013.

Live Delay is proud to have finally procured a quality live recording of Brisbane force of nature, Per Purpose. The four (sometimes five) piece have been tearing at eardrums for a few years now and are on the precipice of releasing their debut long player – one that will be something to be reckoned with indeed if this live set is anything to go by.

Composed of Glen Schenau, Mitchell Perkins, Harry Byrne, Joe Alexander and occasionally Josh Watson, this recording comes from their blistering support set when compatriots Beaches visited the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane. With some overlap with early Drones material, Per Purpose have purpose and this is one of the best sets you’re likely to here on Live Delay this year.

Find out more about Per Purpose.

Recorded and produced by FBi Radio, Sydney.
Graciously shared with Live Delay.

Mere Women are Katrina Byrne, Amy Wilson and Flyn McKinnirery, a talented trio from Marrickville, Sydney. They’ve been kicking aorund the scene for a few years now and brought out the well received OLD LIFE in mid-2012 – a noisy, laconic adventures of post-punk with some gothic undertones thrown in for good measure. They’ve got an interesting sound and make for an excellent live group and you should definitely tune in to check out this set from their 2012 Old Life record launch in Sydney. Our good friends FBi radio were on hand to capture the set and it’s via them that we can bring it to your eardrums!

Find out more about Mere Women.

Airing details: First aired via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 11 October 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
KudosFBi Radio Sydney, Dusty Anastassiou.

Episode 29: Amateur Childbirth; Bitch Prefect


Episode 29 of Live Delay takes a slight change of pace from recent episodes. We catch a live set with Brisbane artist Amateur Childbirth as well as revist a great performance by pop band Bitch Prefect.

Recorded by Will Clarke.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at The Tribal Theatre, Brisbane in May 2013.

Amateur Childbirth is the stage name of Brisbane artist Ivan Matthew. Influenced by the work of Henry Miller, he’s an artist unafraid to delve into uncomfortable subject, illuminating everyday events with a cynical but earnest take on modern society – done all with just an acoustic guitar.

Live Delay were fortunate to be present to record Amateur Childbirth when he took the stage at Tribal Theatre back in May 2013 as part of the Guilt Retreat – a multi-disciplinary visual and musical arts series. Tune in to hear some honest live music.

Find out more about Amateur Childbirth.

Feature interview: Ivan Matthew of Amateur Childbirth.

Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Harry Byrne.
Recorded at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane in August 2012.

Bitch Prefect are Pat Telfer, Scott O’Hara and Liam Kenny and once upon a time emerged from a sharehouse in Adelaide, but, like so many other bands do, moved to Melbourne a few years back. In 2012 they put out their debut record via bedroom suck by the name of ‘Big Time’, a well-received release that featured the deliciously depressing but wholly relatable single ‘Bad Decisions’. The band managed to make it up to Brisbane in August 2012 during the launch tour for Big Time and played 4ZZZ’s GET HAPPIER festival and we were fortunate enough to be present to get a recording.

Find out more about Bitch Prefect.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 2 August 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Ivan Matthew, Will Clarke, Dusty Anastassiou, Harry Byrne, Andrew McLellan.

AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Decommissioned Antibiotics
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Malcom’s Rainbow Blows Light Across His Arterial Database
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – Menopause in Reverse
AMATEUR CHILDBIRTH – P.S. I Had To Leave The Country
BITCH PREFECT – Holiday in America
BITCH PREFECT – Better Next Time
BITCH PREFECT – Messing Around
BITCH PREFECT – Bad Decisions

Episode 18: Sky Needle; Slug Guts; Outerwaves

Sky Needle

Sky Needle

Episode 18 of Live Delay goes a bit left of field – swimming in the obscure, the esoteric, occasionally coming up to breathe when the moment suits. In this episode we hear from SKY NEEDLE, captured live in Brisbane at 4ZZZ’s Get Happier festival back in August 2012. Also, the episode plays host the sludgy and alcoholic punk of SLUG GUTS, as well as the ambient noise of OUTERWAVES.

Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Henry Mills.
Recorded at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane.

Experimental noise with rock show dynamics, Sky Needle take a post-industrial chainsaw to song making, creating new, often challenging but always engaging, musical clamour.

Originally hailing from Brisbane, the The primary protagonists in the group include Sarah Byrne, Alex Cuffe, Michael Donnelly, Ross Manning, and Joel Stern and they play a range of homemade instruments that are almost too bizarre to judiciously describe. Amongst the collection, the band feature percussive instruments welded together from bike parts, air pumps that plug into digital effects pedal and other twangy instruments constructed from found parts.

The band released the well-received Rave Cave in 2012 and they managed to play the 4ZZZ Get Happier in August of the same year where we were fortunate enough to record them live on stage.

Find out more about Sky Needle.

Recorded and mixed by Liza Harvey.
Recorded at Totally Autumn, Newcastle, 2011.

We showcase a quick and nasty set from Brisbane punk rock outfit Slug Guts. It’s short and to the point, but you’ll get a good taste of what they’re about – rollicking noisy guitars overdubbed with a sense of alcoholic dread. It’s great stuff. These couple of songs were recorded some time ago at Totally Autumn in 2011 in Newcastle.

Find out more about Slug Guts.

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham.

Our next dose of live tunes is from electronic artist Dominic Stephens – who occasionally operates under the moniker Outerwaves.
You may know Stephens from other groups such as Oh Ye Denver Birds and Nimble Animal. Outerwaves, however, is a solo project where Stephens can embrace his pop and hip hop interests in a bit more of an intimate fashion.

Find out more about Outerwaves.

Airing details: First aired via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 17 May 2013.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Andrew McLellan, Henry Mills, Liza Harvey, Sky Kirkham.