Ep 224: Cool Sounds; The Ocean Party

Ep 224 InstagramPhoto: Justin Edwards (CS) Kurt Eckardt (TOP)

Cool Sounds

Recorded by Reuben Aptroot
Mixed by Luke Thomson
Recorded at Sonic Masala Fest, Brisbane, 13th August 2016

Cool Sounds are a 6 piece “Jazz-gaze” band from Melbourne. They released their debut record “Dance Moves” in June 2016 via Deaf Ambitions. The album consists of 10 tracks filled with gloomy, atmospheric arrangements and emotionally charged pop hooks which has seen them gain attention from music lovers around the country.

The Ocean Party

Recorded & Mixed by Reuben Aptroot
Recorded at Sonic Masala Fest, Brisbane, 13th August 2016

The Ocean Party are a 6 piece band featuring members of Cool Sounds and Ciggie Witch. The Melbourne-via-Wagga Wagga group released their 7th album “Beauty Point” in August 2017 through Spunk, making it 9 full lengths in the past 7 years. Their signature DIY sound of summery pop hooks layered over mellow guitar jams has continued to develop on these releases as well as seeing them tour the country on numerous occasions.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 15th of October 2017.

Show production and engineering: Reuben Aptroot.


Episode 58: Circular Keys; Lucy Cliché

Circular Keys.

Circular Keys
Recorded by Joshua Watson.
Mixed by Joshua Watson.
Recorded at The Brisbane Powerhouse, Sep 14 2013.

Circular Keys are an electronic duo from the big smoke, Melbourne. Their enormous live-presence comes from the 6-string axe; Dennis Santiago shows you how much you can accomplish with an aluminium guitar and a table of pedals. While he’s preoccupied with laying down the law of audio-land, singer Phillipa O’Shea isn’t stuck in the background corner with the equal parts massive and angelic vocal chords. Room 40 invited them up to Brisbane to support Mark McGuire for the annual sound and media festival, Open Frame.

Bedroom Suck Records their debut 7″ single, Eurogrand, in July last year.

Circular Keys – Official.

by Justin Edwards

Lucy Cliché @ The Underdog, Feb 8 2014. Photo by Justin Edwards.

Lucy Cliché
Recorded by Joshua Watson and Andrew Mclellan
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at The Underdog, 8 Feb 2014.

Lucy Cliché is Sydney’s Geneva Jacuzzi or Nite Jewel or Maria Minerva; an electronic artist flitting between the worlds of experimentalism and bedroom-pop. Her diverse catalogue includes the noise-rock band Naked on the Vague, Half High her ambient-noise project with partner Matthew Hopkins and the celebration of weird that is Knitted Abyss with Holy Balm’s Anna John. October 2013 saw an independent release for her debut solo album, Picture Yourself, a collection of songs as melancholic as they are beautiful. Blank Realm invited her up for their record launch to play a few of those picturesque pop songs.

Listen to ‘Lucy Cliché – Picture Yourself’!

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 21 February 2014.
Show production and engineering: Joshua Watson.

Photo by Justin Edwards. Check out his photos from the night on Collapse Board and more of his work at This Is Not A Photo Opportunity.

Episode 26: Feathers; Dune Rats; Outerwaves

Episode 26 is an all Brisbane affair, taking in three great talents – FEATHERS, DUNE RATS and OUTERWAVES.

Recoded and mixed by Sky Kirkham
Recorded at The Alhambra Room, Brisbane.

Feather’s debut record Hunter’s Moon (2011) was one of the Australian music highlights of that year. This all female dreamy rock group conjure pop narratives with distinct psychedelic angles. Feathers can be gloomy, they can be transcendental and one could rattle off half a dozen influences here (Shop Assistants, The Shaggs, and so forth), but it really does the band a disservice to think of them simply as the sum of their influences. This set was recorded at the Alhambra Bar in Fortitude Valley Brisbane back in March 2012.

Find out more about Feathers.

Recorded by Sky Kirkham.
Mixed by Branko Cosic.

Holy mixtapes batman, this Dune Rats set is full of mind-blowing awesome. For the uninitiated, Dune Rats are a surfy-garagy duo from Brisbane with a fondness for crazy party hijinks. The 4ZZZ live recording team were present to capture the band demonstrating their wide ranging live musical powers at the 2012 Rock to Transmit at The Primitive Room in Brisbane, and by the beard of Zeus, it was enjoyable. Fortunately, we can share it here with you on Live Delay. Listen in for ‘Pogo’ – it’s a winner.

Find out more about Dune Rats.

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham.

Our next dose of live tunes is from electronic artist Dominic Stephens – who occasionally operates under the moniker Outerwaves. You may know Stephens from other groups such as Oh Ye Denver Birds and Nimble Animal. Outerwaves, however, is a solo project where Stephens can embrace his pop and hip hop interests in a bit more of an intimate fashion.

Find out more about Outerwaves.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Originally via the Community Radio Network, Friday 19 July 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Sky Kirkham, Branko Cosic.