Ep 327 – Jeremy Neale


Jeremy Neale – Kirsten Roe

Jeremy Neale:

Live at The Brightside, Fortitude Valley, 10 August 2019

If there’s a bright centre to the Brisbane music universe, Jeremy Neale orbits pretty close to its heart. A stalwart of the community for over a decade, Jeremy led beloved garage rock party band Velociraptor for several years before also starting up a parallel solo project that ventured into new territory. Beginning with a folk-tinged self-titled EP in 2011, Neale mined the 1960s for pop songwriting influences on his first few solo releases, including single “Winter Was The Time”, which won the Queensland Music Awards’ Rock Award in 2012. The “In Stranger Times” EP of 2013 followed, the title track collaboration with Go Violets quickly becoming established as a fan-favourite and feel-good modern anthem for Brisbane.

Neale’s subsequent releases veered towards a strong 1980s flavour with the EP “Let Me Go Out In Style” in 2015 and debut album “Getting The Team Back Together” in 2017. In that same year Neale won the Grant McLennan Fellowship, which allowed him to spend time in New York City honing his songwriting skills and in 2018 he took home another Queensland Music Award, this time Song of the Year for “Dancin’ And Romancin'”.

In February 2020 Neale released his second album, “We Were Trying To Make It Out”, but many of his launch plans were scuppered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for live music lovers, Live Delay had recorded a set of his several months earlier at the mini-festival “Sesh and the City”.

Includes an interview with Jeremy Neale.

Recorded by Lauren Holyoak
Mixed by Tynan Illand

4ZZZ Live Delay · Live Delay – Ep 327 – Jeremy Neale

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 26 July, 2020

EP 149: El Gordo; Velociraptor




Recorded by Branko Cosic, Mixed by Reuben Aptroot.
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 13th December 2015.

Formed in 2008 by local legends Jeremy Neale, and DZ Deathrays members Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley, Velociraptor began adding members for each letter in their name. Now their the music equivalent of The Avengers featuring 10-14 band members, including members of Running Gun Sound, Teen Sensations, and The Strange Attractors. After an EP, Mini Album, and Full Length Album, their only goal left to kick is to take over the world


el gordoRecorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 13th December 2015.

Hailing from Brisbane, El Gordo deliver a tight, zero-gimmick sound where minimalist, crunching and head-nodding riffs are layered with dissonant melodies, and executed with a focused, abrasively anti-mainstream aggression. Formed by ex-Helmet, and Handsome guitarist Peter Mengede, El Gordo are heavier than lead.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 22nd January 2016.
Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

EP 145: Jeremy Neale; Screamfeeder; Ups and Downs; Ed Kuepper

This episode is dedicated to 4ZZZ’s 40th birthday, which was celebrated on Tuesday the 8th of December, 2015. On the 20th of September, 2015, 4ZZZ and Brisbane Festival presented a showcase of seminal acts that have been integral to Brisbane’s music scene over the last 40 years and much loved by 4ZZZ and their listeners. This episode is dedicated to that day.

Jeremy Neale
Recorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Speigeltent for 4ZZZ’s 40th Birthday Celebrations 20th September 2015.

Singer Songwriter Jeremy Neale has been writing catchy garage pop gems since 2008 as a solo artist, as well as a number of notable Brisbane bands including everyones favourite 12 piece street gang Velociraptor.

Recorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Speigeltent for 4ZZZ’s 40th Birthday Celebrations 20th September 2015.

Beginning in Brisbane in 1990, Screamfeeder have become icons of the Australian alternative music scene, leading the way for independent Australian artists. In their expansive career they have released 6 albums, four EPs, toured extensively and supported bands like Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Rollins Band.

Ups and Downs
Recorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Speigeltent for 4ZZZ’s 40th Birthday Celebrations 20th September 2015.

Formed in 1983 Ups and Downs played a brand of ethereal, well-crafted,jangly guitar pop and had success with singles ‘The Living Kind’, ‘Out of the Darkness’, and ‘Lit by the Fuse’.

Ed Kuepper
Recorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Speigeltent for 4ZZZ’s 40th Birthday Celebrations 20th September 2015.

Starting his career as the frontman for the iconic Brisbane band ‘The Saints’in 1973, Ed Kuepper’s genre shifting, four decade long career also includes writing songs in bands like ‘The Laughing Clowns’, and ‘The Aint’s’ as well as writing and performing all instrumentation, producing, mixing, and mastering the 20 albums he has released as a solo artist.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 4th December 2015.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Episode 5: Velociraptor; Feathers; Adalita


Woah! We’re at episode FIVE already? Time really flies when you’re having fun. And trust me, this episode is killer. We’re highlighting three outstanding lives sets in this episode from Velociraptor, Feathers and Adalita.

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012.

Velociraptor are a chameleon beast sent to destroy your ideas about rocking and rolling. This TWELVE piece band are purveyors of the infectious and masters in the art of stagecraft – they even took out 2012 Hot 100 with their viral pop song ‘Cynthia’. We feature a snippet of their tremendous performance at 2012’s Rock To Transmit. Trust me; it will blow your face off!

INTERVIEW: Jeremy Neale of Velociraptor.

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham, 2012. 

Feather’s debut record Hunter’s Moon (2011) was one of the Australian music highlights of that year. This all female dreamy rock group conjure pop narratives with distinct psychedelic angles. Feathers can be gloomy, they can be transcendental and one could rattle off half a dozen influences here (Shop Assistants, The Shaggs, and so forth), but it really does the band a disservice to think of them simply as the sum of their influences. This set was recorded at the Alhambra Bar in Fortitude Valley Brisbane back in March 2012.

Recorded and mixed by Matt Denver of D4 Studios
Produced by John Robinson for BeauFM.

I really don’t need to waste your time spruiking the credentials of Adalita Srsen. The charismatic singer of Geelong’s legendary Magic Dirt released a fine debut solo record way back in 2011. Our friends at BeauFM were present to record part of her set at BigSound 2011 and Live Delay is pleased to give some digital radio love to some of Adalita’s sublime live performance.

Airing details: First aired via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 8 February 2013.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray
Kudos: Sky Kirkham, John Robinson, Matt Denver, Beau FM