Ep 188: Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad


Recorded by Harvey O’Sullivan & Hugh Fasher
Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Recorded at Newtown Social Club, Sydney, 14th May 2016.

Hailing from the mid-coastal NSW town of Windang, Hockey Dad are two friends conquering the world, one song at a time. Growing up in the same street as each other, guitarist Zach Stephenson and drummer Billy Fleming were two surfer kids growing up in a beach community and by 13, were jamming with Stephenson’s dad’s old gear in the garage; five years later, they were touring as Hockey Dad.

Their first EP, titled Dreamin’, was released in 2013 via the Wollongong record label Farmer & The Owl, and then spent the next three years honing their craft and tapping into the American market, where online publications such as Pitchfork, Consequence Of Sound, NPR and Paste Magazine had been taking notice. In 2016, they released their debut album ‘Boronia’, which was produced by Tom Iansek of Big Scary and #1 Dads fame, and is named after the street they grew up on. Farmer & The Owl handled the release in Australia and Kanine Records took the record and released it all throughout the USA.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 4th of December 2016.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Ep 187: Black Cab

Black Cab


Recorded & Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Recorded at Newtown Social Club, Sydney, 14th May 2016.

Forming in 1999, Black Cab is a Melbourne based drone and electronica group that are heavily influenced by 1970s psychedelic rock coupled with elements of Krautrock and more programmed driven beats and electronic soundscapes.

Since their inception before the turn of the century, the band have released two EPs and four full length albums, starting with 2004’s Altamont Diary, 2006’s Jesus East, 2009’s Call Signs and 2014’s Games of the XXI (21st) Olympiad, with much of their material drawing upon historical events such the ill-fated Altamont Speedway free concert hosted by the Rolling Stones and doping use by East German athletes at the 1976 Olympic Games.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 27th of November 2016.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Ep 184: Infinite Void; Screaming Females

Infinite Void


Recorded & Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Recorded at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 17th February 2016.

Infinite Void’s name might have you thinking black metal, but the Melbourne quartet are firmly planted in atmospheric punk and post-punk, taking cues as much from the members’ past punk bands as from the smudged sonics of My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division and Pornography-era Cure.

They released their debut self-titled album through Poison City Records in 2012 and had Steven Smith from Scul Hazzards manning the desk for the sessions, and since them have released some very rare split 7” records to keep the ball rolling.

Screaming Females

160806screamingfemalesd164-165-beatphoto by Zo Damage

Engineered by Jeremy Smith
Recorded at PBS FM Studios, Melbourne, 8th August 2016.

Mixing equal parts Dinosaur Jr. and Sleater-Kinney, the Brunswick trio of Marissa Paternoster (guitar/vocals), Michael Abbate (bass), and Jarrett Dougherty (drums) strives to embody the spirit of indie rock in its purest form; Screaming Females book their own shows and self-released many of their own records to bring their guitar-driven rock to the people without compromise. In 2007 the band fired its opening shot, self-releasing its debut full-length, Baby Teeth. The band quickly followed up with its sophomore album, What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.?, which was self-released and later reissued by Don Giovanni Records, with whom the band has enjoyed a good relationship. Between 2010 and 2012, Screaming Females released their fourth album, Castle Talk, and followed up with their fifth album, the Steve Albini-engineered Ugly, in 2012. The band teamed up with producer Matt Bayles to record its 2015 studio effort, Rose Mountain and embarked on a tour that saw them travel to Australia for the first time, from which the set you’re about to hear derives from.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 6th of November 2016.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Ep 183: Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote

hiatus-kaiyote_vivid-live-soh_credit-prudence-upton-129photo by Prudence Upton

Recorded by Jason Blackwell
Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Recorded at VIVID Live @ Sydney Opera House, Sydney, 31st May 2016.

In a whirlwind five years with two Grammy nominations, multiple world tours, and nods from Erykah Badu, Questlove and Prince, Hiatus Kaiyote meld electric jazz virtuosity with the beat-making dexterity of Flying Lotus and Madlib, and transform it into what the band describes as ‘multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic gangster sh*t’. Singer-guitarist Nai Palm leads the band with her soul-driven force and is backed up by Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and drummer Perrin Moss. They released their first album ‘Tawk Tomahawk’ independently in 2012, which garnered attention from Flying Buddha Records  and received worldwide distribution that lead them to their first Grammy nomination for the song ‘Nakamarra’ which featured Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest fame on guest vocals. In 2015, they released their second album, titled ‘Choose Your Weapon’ which propelled them to yet another Grammy nomination for the song ‘Breathing Underwater’. This performance at the Sydney Opera House captures the band firing on all cylinders with a bit of help from Sampa The Great.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 30th of October 2016.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Ep 128: Frown; Bearhug


Recorded William Clark & Alex O’Donovan
Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at Crowbar, 27th of March, 2015.

Over the past year, local doom metal band, Frown have been wreaking havoc over humankind across the Australian East Coast. Using the Pagan calendar to record their latest release, The Greatest Gift to Give, the band offers a chilling crossover of doom crust, black, metal, and DIY thunder with an intense provision of energy. According to reports by audience members, they have felt an impending sense of doom leading into the band’s live performances.

Frown has paid homage to the underworld with their own brand of dark arts at Doomsday Fest, When Terror Unites and Shedstock, sharing the stage with the likes of Innsmouth, Impetuous Ritual, Nihilistic Front, and Japan’s Church of Misery.


Recorded by Hugh Fasher and Harvey O’Sullivan
Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Recorded at Newtown Social Club, Sydney on the 18th of September, 2014.

Known for their hazy, slacker indie-rock vibes, Sydney band, Bearhug has a knack for infusing a sometimes carefree, sometimes agitated but always nostalgic sound into their music. Driven by walls of guitar hooks, noodling melodies, and bare-bones drums that careen under laidback vocals, the band captures that “hair-in-the-face” adolescence spirit that aligns them to 90s stalwarts Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Screamfeeder.

For the past couple of months, Bearhug has been travelling down the Australian East Coast with local band, Babaganouj for the launch of their latest single, Can’t Stop. Perfect for a chill-out day, knocking back a couple of beers with the crew, this is Bearhug, recorded last year by the FBI Radio’s Live Feed crew at the Newtown Social Club.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 10 July 2015.
Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Episode 125: BigStrongBrute; Caitlin Park

Wedding Pages cover image

Recorded & Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Triffid on the 10th of April, 2015.

First up, we have a band with an incredibly huge name, but an incredibly svelte physical figure.
The group we’re talking about is BigStrongBrute, the moniker adopted by sole songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul Donoughue. Starting out as a solo outlet, has morphed into a multi-headed live show, at times as many as 8 people strong creating a wall of folk melody. His 2010 EP release ‘We Can Sleep Under Trees In The Morning’ got many ears paying attention. Bigstrongbrute’s debut album, 2012’s ‘Avalanche Of Truth’, really got people excited, as it displayed the many different flavours of this talented individual. July sees the release of his latest EP ‘Good Work’, which many of the songs in this set you’re about to hear appear on.


Caitlin Park
Recorded by Harvey O’Sullivan & Hugh Fasher
Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan
Mastered by Andrew Edgson
Recorded at The Standard on the 12th of February, 2014.

Caitlin Park writes and performs folktronica, taking folk and electro-acoustics to new heights with her abstract composition, sampling and film nostalgia. Releasing her debut album in 2011, MILK ANNUAL is a sprawling, intricate and heart-warming foray into the soundscapes of old films, audio books, spoken word, and minimalistic musical arrangement.
For much of 2012, Caitlin travelled to New York and London, and collected sounds which would appear on her critically lauded 2nd album, 2013’s The Sleeper, which was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize.

Many thanks to Harvey O’Sullivan from FBi Radio’s Live Feed for his assistance.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 12 June 2015.
Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.