Ep 299 – Best of 2019 Part 2


Following on from our mid-year retrospective back in July, we are delighted to present Part 2 of our best of 2019, drawing on the cream of the crop recorded in the back half of the year.

Featuring highlights from Tape/Off, Full Flower Moon Band, Moreton, Elder, Chalk, Tralala Blip, TOP nachos, TOTTY, Polygon Woods, The Stress of Leisure, Hound, HEXDEBT, Ex Catholics, Jess Ribeiro, Desperada and Julia R. Anderson.

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 22 December, 2019

Ep 297 – Tralala Blip


Tralala Blip – Pascalle Burton

Tralala Blip:

Live at The Foundry, Fortitude Valley, 1 August 2019

In 2007 Randolf Reiman, former singer of Sydney hardcore band Massappeal, began working with a disability support service in Lismore, N.S.W. Reiman provided electronic musical equipment for the differently-abled clients of the service to experiment with. It was here that the seeds of collaboration were sown for the project that would become Tralala Blip. Since 2009, the band has had many highlights, playing at the Sydney Opera House, creating the theatre project “My Radio Heart”, touring Europe and delivering a consistent run of experimental pop records.

Their releases include limited-run independent CD-R Arpeggiator Heart in 2011, collaboration album Tralala Blip Meets Muttboy in Atlantis in May 2012 on Sound Crucible, album Submarine Love Songs in October 2013 on Room40, album Aussie Dream in April 2014 on Disembraining Machine, album Oceans of Love in February 2016 on Tenth Court and most recently album Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls in July 2019, again on Room40.

It was at the Brisbane launch of Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls that this set was recorded, with the lineup of ​Randolf Reimann, Lydian Dunbar, Phoebe Hall, Mathew Daymond and Zac Misfud.

Recorded by Blake Howson
Mixed by Tralala Blip & Scott Mercer
Special thanks to live engineer Jesse Williams

Also featuring excerpts from previous Tralala Blip sets recorded by Live Delay:
Red Mecca 2 at The Pound, Brisbane, 20 June 2014 (recorded and mixed by Andrew McClellan, originally aired ep. 79)
The Foundry, Fortitude Valley, 21 October 2016 (recorded by Eileen Tierney and mixed by Branko Cosic, originally aired ep. 193)

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 8 December, 2019


Ep 193: Sweater Curse; Tralala Blip

Sweater Curse


Recorded by Reuben Aptroot
Mixed by Luke Thomson
Recorded at Sonic Masala Festival, Brisbane, 13th August, 2016

If you mix the vocal stylings on The Cure’s Robert Smith and Beth Orton with the rawness of early output from Bloc Party, you arrive at the sound that Sweater Curse output.

This particular set was captured at one of their first shows and are a band to watch out for in 2017.

Tralala Blip


Recorded by Eileen Tierney
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Foundry, Brisbane, 21 October, 2016.

Hailing from Lismore on New South Wales’ North Coast, Tralala Blip are a 5 piece ensemble armed with devices that create electronic pulses and beats that feed into reverberation units that produce lush swells of sound that mesmerises the senses in the live arena with visuals accompanying the audio to complete the experience.
The group was founded by Randolf Reimann who ran electronica workshops for young people of mixed abilities in 2007. Three of the workshop participants wanted to continue making music and came together to form Tralala Blip, which has taken from the local halls of Lismore to the Sydney Opera House and around Europe.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 15th of January 2017.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

Episode 79: Tralala Blip; Wukir Suryadi & Tarquin Manek


Tralala Blip
Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Andrew McLellan.
Recorded at Red Mecca 2, The Pound, Brisbane. June 20th 2014.

Tralala Blip formed in 2007 when Randolf Reimann (Massappeal) became involved with a Lismore disability service that ran music programs for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. Frustrated with the lack of engagement in the program he began bringing along electronic music equipment to the sessions. His tenure at the disability service ended in late 2008 and he was told that none of the 16 participants were interested in continuing the service. After meeting with a few members of the ensemble it became clear that the project was not cut due to a lack of interest and in 2009 Randolph continued the ensemble not as a program but as an independent band. Since then, they’ve recorded a collaborative LP with fellow Lismore sound artist ‘Muttboy’ and released an album on Brisbane label Disembraining Machine. In 2013, the current lineup of Randolf, Mathew Daymond, Lydian Dunbar, Zac Mifsud and Phoebe Rose were invited to play Unsound festival in Krakow, Poland.

Tralala Blip – Official
Aussie Dream available thru Disembraining Machine

Wukir Suryadi Tarquin Manek

Wukir Suryadi & Tarquin Manek
Recorded by Tarquin Manek.
Recorded at West Space Gallery, Melbourne. May 7th 2014.

Wukir is one half of Senyawa – a duo with vocalist Rully Shabara that draws from traditional Indonesian folk music and combines it with a punk sensibility. He’s become well known in experimental music circles for his captivatingly intricate instruments. In this recording you’ll hear him playing a javanese hurdy gurdy that he constructed. It’s very fitting that he be paired with Tarquin Manek (Bum Creek, Pikelet and Tarcar). Tarquin’s irrepressible clarinet bleats hysterically above the discordant harmony of the hurdy gurdy, sometimes they meet in perfect harmonic distortion. There is a veritable bag of tricks at their disposal and the performance goes through a myriad of textures and styles.

Check out an interview with Wukir at Creative Cowboy Films.
Senyawa – Official
Tarquin Manek – Official

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 25 July 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.